Property Management

 Your home is your sanctuary. It is where you go for peace, rest, and to spend time with your family. Nothing is more private and personal than home. No one takes better care of your home than you—until now.

Pound Ridge Home Management, LLC is the personal home assistant you must have. When work and other activities take your attention away from your sanctuary and most valuable investment, it's time to call professionals you can trust. We are the eyes, ears, and hands that manage and protect your home like only you do. When you choose us, we come to you and begin a customized home management plan that you control. We treat your home as if it were our own with dignity, respect, privacy, and security. Our services are superior with a personal touch you won't find anywhere else except at home - your professionally managed home.

Your Home Management Includes

  •  Interior/Exterior Surveillance With a 21-Point Inspection Checklist
  • We Provide Documentation.
  • Vacation Checks of Your Property
  • Key Holder (Security, Fire, EMS)
  • We Provide Documentation.
  • Alarm Inspections and Maintenance (Security, Fire, EMS)
  • Emergency Repairs (We coordinate on your behalf.)
  • Pest Control Supervision
  • A Complete Coordination of Routine and Seasonal Services
  • Cold Weather Inspections/Maintenance: Frozen Pipes or Ice Damming
  • Snowplowing/Snow Removal
  • Inspect for Storm Damage (Downed Trees/Wires, etc.)
  •  Schedule Septic System Cleanings
  • Gutter Maintenance and Spring and Fall Cleanouts
  • Chimney Cleaning and Safety Inspection
  • House Cleaning
  • HVAC Repair and Maintenance
  • Generator Service
  • Pool Maintenance Including Opening and Closing
  • Landscaping Contracting
  • Fertilizer Program
  • Propane Refills
  • Automotive Servicing Schedules Including Cleaning
  • Vehicle State Inspection Service
  • Plant Watering/Mail Pick-Up/Light Rotations

*We personally meet all contractors, repairmen, and deliverymen!

Are Our Services Right For You? We Serve:

  • Full-Time Homeowners
  • Secondary Homeowners
  • Short or Seasonal Vacationing Homeowners
  • Seasonal Properties

Handyman Services? We Furnish Minor Carpentry and Painting Projects.

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